Student and Teacher Testimonials from recent Creation Projects

Milwaukee High School of the Arts
“The Creation Project has given me an opportunity that many professional composers can only dream of.”  Katie Parker, student


Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra
" I gained a sense of the true intricacies of music and a behind the scenes glance at the processes of composition and orchestration. What an incredible amount of work and dedication it takes to make such beautiful music...teaching me how to polish a work, ready it for live play, and work with a real orchestra. Overall, it was a transcendental experience."  Liam McCarty, student composer

With one of my pieces, I won at the state, regional and national levels of the National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composers Contest.  I got the thrill of getting to hear my piece played first by Sinfonia, then by an orchestra at the Interlochen Arts Camp and then by an orchestra at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After I found that love of composing, I took composition at Interlochen Arts Camp.”   Alexandra Greene, student composer

“This is an incredible program created by Present Music for high school and middle school students. To have ensembles from MYSO play their compositions is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for most of these kids. I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to work with them. Their lack of inhibition makes them fearless and their ideas fresh and real.” Joshua Byrd, PM composer working with MYSO

“Being selected to create a piece for the Junior Winds was a real thrill.  I learned more about music [composition and theory] in my first hour with Dan Maske (resident composer) than I had in five years of playing.”  Daniel Galginaitis, 9th grade student, MYSO Junior Wind Ensemble

Mulabe School (Marquette University/Urban League collaboration:  Math Plus Program)
“It was a very good experience.  I learned a bit more about how to incorporate music with math and we all had a wonderful and worthwhile experience.  I hope to be doing more of this type of activity.  Sigmund was fantastic.”  Michael Havice, Marquette University Professor and “Math Plus” Educator


St. Joan Antida High School
“We got to do many things that we otherwise wouldn’t have…things that I as the teacher do not have expertise in—like composing, arranging, using computer music notation—including other instruments that we could not have done alone.  WE GOT TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…It was a unique experience for us and the audience.

One of the most exciting things was to hear a fellow teacher tell me that a student had told her all about his composition and was very proud and excited about it, and wanted everyone to come watch the performance.  This was especially significant because it came from a student who doesn’t usually have many positive things to say, or get very excited about things at school.”   -Katie McCormick, Music Teacher, St. Joan Antida High School