Ince By Ince

August 30, 2014
7:30 pm

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts
19805 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield WI 53045
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Turkish Bazaar Fundraiser - 6:00 pm

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This performance is not recommended for young children.

Concert Description

Modern yet exotic. Edgy, wild, and hauntingly beautiful. Present Music brings five pieces new to Milwaukee, including three American premieres by PM-favorite Kamran Ince.  The program will also be recorded for PM’s 10th CD album.  A Turkish bazaar fundraiser will occur before the concert to kick off the season in colorfully audacious style! (Program subject to change.)

“Asumani,” a 2012 work for flute and cello by the gifted Turkish-American composer Kamran Ince… builds spare, questioning music gestures…  into a radiant climax before dissolving again into silence.” – Stephen Brookes, the Washington Post





Two-Step Passion

Kamran Ince 

The music of Turkish/American composer Kamran Ince bridges Anatolia and Balkans to the West. The energy and rawness of Turkish and Balkan folk music, the spirituality of Byzantium and Ottoman court music, the tradition of European art music and the extravert and popular qualities of the American psyche are the base of his sound world. These ingredients happily breathe in cohesion, and they spin the linear and vertical contrasts so essential to his music forward.

Hailed by The Los Angeles Times as “that rare composer able to sound connected with modern music, and yet still seem exotic”, Ince was born in Montana in 1960 to American and Turkish parents. Ince's Judgment of Midas, an opera in two acts, commissioned by Crawford Greenewalt to mark the 50th anniversary of Sardis/Lydia excavations, had its concert version premiere in April 2013 in Milwaukee with Present Music and Milwaukee Opera Theatre with Ince conducting. 



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