Kevin's Picks

Gong Linna


Brad Balliett, of the Brothers Balliett

"O Holy Night"

Bassoon multiphonics wailing emotionally through O Holy Night? This one has me laughing a lot...


Steve Reich

"Christmas Phase"


Phil Kline (composer commissioned by PM in 2006)


Phil describes this track as "'The Shepherds' Farewell' from Berlioz’ L’enfance du Christ as heard in a shopping mall."

Andrew Norman

Suggested Listening:Try

There’s a lot of contrast with this composer. The last piece we did by him, Sabrina, was gorgeous. Try is unpredictable, bizarre, delightful and a wild musical cartoon ride. I hope to perform it soon.

Christopher Cerrone

Suggested Listening: Invisible Overture from Invisible Cities

We have been performing works by Cerrone over the last year or so. His music moves slowly even when it’s loud and exciting. It’s a good kind of slow where you really want to, and get to, hear everything clearly.

Kamran Ince



Suggested Listening:Road To Memphis

We perform a lot of Kamran’s works and just performed Road to Memphis in 2013. It’s wild and jumpy and then out of the blue, the instrumentalists are singing a soft and beautifully haunting tune. You never know what’s next with Ince.

Suggested Listening: Flight Box

Timo Andres








Suggested Listening:Comfort Food

I love Timothy’s music. We commissioned Comfort Food in 2012, so I’m partial to this piece. Like his other music, it goes from delightful to intense, complex to simple with extraordinary facility.

Marcos Balter

Suggested Listening: Intercepting a Shivery Light

I was bopping around on the PSNY website and gave a listen to music by Balter. Nice discovery! This piece for saxes is so delicate and shimmers using saxes in a way I never imagined.


Hannah Lash

Hannah Lash headshot

Hailed by the New York Times as “striking and resourceful…handsomely brooding,” Hannah Lash has emerged as a leading voice of her generation.

Suggested listening:
C: For vibraphone and piano (commissioned by Zuzanna Szewczyk)
World Premiere November 3, 2011, Sprague Hall, Yale School of Music, Paul Kerekes and Michael Compitello

Frayed: for string quartet (written for the Jack Quartet)
World Premiere 05/07/10 Jack Quartet, Look and Listen Festival, NYC


Ted Hearne

(b. 1982, Chicago) is a dynamic composer, conductor and performer with polyglot sensibilities in new and traditional classical music. As comfortable in operatic and orchestral works as in rock and choral music, Hearne's compositions are socially engaging, exploring the complexity of contemporary experience with visceral power and raw emotional beauty.

Suggested listening:
Featuring Nathan Koci, horn; video by Bill Morrison

Featuring Rene Marie, vocalist; video by Bill Morrison


Leah Collof

player of CELLO, singer of LOUD, soft, punk, rock, pretty, CRAZY, songs

Suggested listening:
Next of Kin: from Lucibel Crater record The Family Albu
Leah Coloff: cello, voice, Sarth Calhoun: beats, bass, keys, Paul Chuffo: drums, Lou Reed: guitar


John Luther Adams

Called "one of the most original musical thinkers of the new century" (Alex Ross, The New Yorker), John Luther Adams is a composer whose life and work are deeply rooted in the natural world. Adams composes for orchestra, chamber ensembles, percussion and electronic media.

Suggested listening:

A work for “nine to ninety-nine percussionists,” intended to be played outdoors, John Luther Adams' Inuksuit is designed to heighten our awareness of the sights and sounds that surround us every day and to energize our experience of our own environment.