Present Music History

Why you like Present Music....

Present Music has won ASCAP/Chamber Music America’s prestigious Adventurous Programming Award for the 2009-10 season. Congrats!  ~Maureen Daly

Interesting, creative and most entertaining! We've never been disappointed at a Present Music 'musical event'!  ~Tim Schilz

Because your recording of Kamran 'Arches' is one of the most achingly beautiful and poignant performances I've ever heard. And because you guys take the stuffiness out of the performance of art music - you're all about the music and that's what matters. Amazing people.  ~Ryan Hepburn

 A few reasons. The obvious is that it’s hard to find new music played here or anywhere. Also, I like it that the music is performed in places that are accessible, for example, Turner Hall. Finally, you do a lot of outreach and educations programs. That is something overlooked by a lot of musical groups. ~Marty Josephson

What really got me initially was your performance of "Fest" with the MSO. Man oh man, did that blow my hair back! Then you kept me as a fan by always presenting interesting and challenging performances. ~C.M. DeSpears

Memorable Present Music moments....

It was in December 1990. I was a civil servant for the State of Wisconsin. I went down to the basement coffee shop for a break and there is Kevin in a trio playing Christmas carols! That was the best thing that ever happened there in my 25 years working for the state. Well, except for retiring!  ~Karen Karski

The gasp from a 900-strong audience at the end of the 1st movement of Ben Johnston’s string quartet no. 10 followed by an outburst of cheering and applause after every movement – but the sound of that intake of breath was really astounding. ~Sharon Leventhal

Getting mugged at gunpoint in Memphis on PM's tour during the 2001-02 season is an event emblazoned upon my memory. I survived unharmed, which is remarkable since the Memphis police said this duo had a penchant for mayhem. ~Brek Renzelman

Standing outside by the river...outside the Marcus Center and a boat coming down the river with musicians for the season opener. Very cool.

Singing a PM Thanksgiving concert for the first time. We were to sing a Gregorian Chant immediately following the Bucks opening and had to reorganize our larynxes and heart rates to be able to sing the chant. ~Gloria Hansen

A late 80s Valentine's Day concert. I sang - in Latin - a brief portion of a Peter Maxwell Davies piece dressed as a flapper and dancing some Charlestron-esque steps. ~Jenny Gettel

Ping pong balls bouncing off the heads of the Japanese audience as they sat straight faced and didn't move or participate in the wild audience participation piece Souvenir by Daniel Erb. ~Kevin Stalheim

Playing a concert in a Turkish discotheque on a lighted dance floor with the management refusing to turn off the music video of Sting that was playing overhead. ~Eric Segnitz

Ten years ago tonight my partner, Bryan McDermott, and I had our first date at a PM concert. It was at the Scottish Rite Center with Dancework and a billion fluorescent ping-pong balls. (I still have a couple.) ~Helen Ceci

Every moment I have spent with PM has been fantastic. It is always very inspirational to make music with PM. ~Kim Zick

My ususual PM memory of getting sprayed by black hair spray in a dressing room right before a concert by the guest composer Franghiz Al-Zade from Azerbajan. ~Karl Levine

I loved being a part of the Art, Architecture & Music audience as we traveled as musical tourists throughout the museum...lovely. ~Susi Lind

PM at The Pabst concert that Kamran Ince did a piece that ended with 100 belly dancers coming down the aisle - very unexpected. ~A. Jacobi

No musicians, but 100 metronomes plus Kevin. ~George Jacobi

Two people handclapping. I never thought handclapping could be complicated and also beautiful.